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You can make a reservations by calling (714) 739-1610

Special Events & Private Parties

Catering and Events are opportunities for us to work more closely with our guests, occasions for us to share our dedication to celebration in exciting new ways.



Baby Shower on the Patio

The Patio

Seats up to 27

The Patio is beautifully decorated and the perfect size for a private gathering.  We will allow you to decorate as you wish so your event is just the way you would like. We have had work meetings booked for the patio, luncheons, baby showers, and speaking engagements.  Due to restrictions from the city of La Mirada we are unable to serve beer or wine on the patio at this time, so if you would like to book the patio please keep that in mind.  We can always serve some of your guests who wish to have beer or wine at the bar inside if needed. I will update this page if we are able to get this restriction lifted. 


The Dining Room

Seats up to 88 Indoors

We have had custom room dividers constructed in order to divide the restaurant and create a semi private event. We can divide a small section of the restaurant or a very large section of the restaurant depending on the size of your group.  The Entire Restaurant can also be rented out for the evening depending on your needs and the specifics.   We can work with you on the layout of your event and will design custom limited menus for your guests if needed. 

Call (714) 739-1610 to reserve space for your reception or party.