Thursday, April 19th

5:00pm - 9:00pm



Strawberry Blonde 6% Fresh local strawberries are added to the classic Blonde which is a medium body beer that carries a delicious cereal malt,  notes of mango and honey, and rounded out with a mild spice. Paired with a strawberry balsamic chicken spinach wrap. 

Alpha Frequency IPA 7% New England IPA has a hoppy nose on this four hopped beer - mosaic, Galaxy, rakau and summer hops! Paired with a spicy lime chipotle boneless hot wings served with a spicy blue cheese dipping sauce. 

Danger Zone 10% - An aggressively hoped triple IPA that is surprisingly smooth.  Aromas of citrus tantalize the nose while orange rind and malt linger on the to tongue of this medium bodied brew. Paired with an agave habanero rubbed pork chop topped with a citrus marmalade. 

Unplugged 9.5% - Imperial Chocolate & Oatmeal Stout -  Dark chocolate and coffee flavors sing from the glass of this rich bold stout with evident roasted notes on the finish. Paired with a decadent German Chocolate cake.