Black Plauge Brewing

Thursday October 18th

5:00 - 9:00


TROPICUS Pale Ale - 5.3%

Tropicus is not just a “Fruit Beer”, it’s a tropical hybrid beer that feels like drinking the sweet taste of sunset on a hot summer day. Paired with a hot creamy queso dip and flour chips. 

1347 IPA - 7.1% 

The year 1347 signifies the beginning of the Plague. This West Coast-style IPA is infectiously delicious.  Paired with a grilled pork chop topped with a citrus reduction.  


This New England style hazy IPA is centered around its juicy flavorful haze. Paired with a tropical scallop ceviche.  

SAMOA COOKIE Milk Stout - 6.8%

Milk stout with cascading aromas of roasted coconut and chocolate cocoa nibs. Paired with a coconut cream tart topped with a rum chantilly cream and toasted coconut. 


Parties of 5 or more are strongly encouraged to make a reservation